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Why pay Retail? As an Amsoil Preferred Customer you can buy Amsoil Wholesale and benefit from the advantages of Amsoil's top quality synthetic oils, gear lubes, ATF, fuel additives, air filters & oil filters etc. for approximately 25% less than suggested retail prices. The easiest way of ordering Amsoil is from the Amsoil Online Store. Customers who live in the USA and wish to save money by buying wholesale, must first purchase a preferred customer membership for $20 per year. A 6-month trial membership is also available, one time only, for just $10. Click the link below and then click Add to Cart to purchase your membership now. You can pay with Visa, Discover or Mastercard.

Amsoil Corporate Online Store - Amsoil Preferred Customer Membership

Once you add the membership to your shopping cart you can continue shopping for Amsoil products and you will get the wholesale pricing. You will see the Product Lookup Guides on the right panel of the page and you can click to see which Amsoil products are recommended for your particular vehicle. Click on the product links for more product information and then click Add to Shopping Cart if you wish to purchase.

If you do not wish to become an Amsoil Preferred Customer, you can simply purchase at retail from the online store.

Amsoil Online Store

You can also purchase Amsoil in Boise, Idaho by telephone using the Amsoil 1-800-777-7094 toll free ordering line. If you wish to order Amsoil wholesale, tell them first that you would like to purchase an Amsoil Preferred Customer Membership or 6 month trial membership, before ordering any other Amsoil products that you wish to include in your order. Please quote my dealer number 1046189 when they ask you for a referring dealer number.

Amsoil Shipping Info For Boise, Idaho (ID)

Amsoil will ship the products that you order to your Boise, ID location from the nearest Amsoil distribution center. The nearest distribution center to Boise, Idaho is in Portland, Oregon.

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If Not Located In Boise, Click Here For Other Idaho Locations

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